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a precision health optimization and longevity journey for women.
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[ me-trah-nohm-us ]
noun. a process, a method, and a community; an embrace of the phenomenal potential and possibility within the female body to exude strength, power, and vitality at any age.
IN Metronomis

We help you blossom into your most vibrant, confident, and powerful self.

This program is perfect for you if you're already thinking about living stronger as you age. If you're ready to make the coming years the best of your life, METRONOMIS is your ally.
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Not just another online course for women

It's a precision health optimization and longevity program designed specifically for women. We help women take control of their health, empower them with knowledge, and teach a method for optimizing the core factors that impact one's healthspan and lifespan.

Core topics

Bio-Optimization is  precision health optimization achieved through a bio-systems approach. We equip you with  knowledge and support personalized actions to optimize these core factors.
  • Hormone health
  • Metabolic health
  • Blood sugar health
  • Special considerations for women
  • Autophagy, detox, fasting
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Sleep optimization
  • Recovery optimization
  • Perimenopause & menopause
  • Exercise optimization
  • Nutrition &  supplement optimization
  • Sleep optimization
  • Stress & emotional health optimization
  • Lifestyle hacks
  • Epigenetics & genomics
  • Body composition optmization
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Our approach

Streamline your bio-optimization journey with purpose, process, progress, and precision.


This program paves a clear and supported path toward optimizing the key levers that help you feel and be your best through each of life’s female phases and in support of thriving longevity.


Science-backed education and methods specific to women are enhanced by precision-optimized food, exercise, and lifestyle plans personalized for your unique genetics.


Your precision-optimized action is supported by health, nutrition, and fitness coaching to drive progress towards your vision.


Genetic testing, advanced blood serum biomarkers, and lifestyle analysis give us the information needed to tailor your custom health report based on your unique DNA and epigenetic needs. This degree of customization helps participants adopt lifestyle changes that leverage one's strengths and address weaknesses.

Prepare to be empowered

Connect with like-minded women, and transform your health in the most enjoyable way.
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Program overview

We use leading edge technology to provide you with advanced knowledge of your health, with an eye to longevity and health optimization.

Foundational education

Education becomes knowledge. Knowledge becomes action. Action becomes power.
METRONOMIS teaches the importance of baseline testing and tracking key health markers, putting your health in your hands. Meticulously crafted to enlighten you on the 'whys' behind each action.


Our program is designed to cater to your individual genetic needs.
We’ve developed a proprietary custom health report informed by advanced, precision, medicine-grade testing panels so that you have personalized, precision information about YOUR body’s needs.

Team-based support

Supported by a world-class team of behavior change experts specializing in nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle optimization to help you align your goals with actions.

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METRONOMIS is currently offered as a fully supported, cohort-based program. A self-paced program is in the works as a future offering.

Fully Supported


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Over the course of 18 weeks, you and your cohort will experience an immersive journey filled with education, inspiring assignments, self-discovery, and continuous motivation.

What you get:

  • 1:1 health coaching
  • Personalized Precision Health Report
  • Genetic testing
  • Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs)
  • An Oura Ring for data-fueled progress
  • Weekly educational content
  • Tools and resources to keep you on track during and after the program
  • Health data-enhanced experience: nutrition tracking, free workouts, and more!
  • Device integrations with our health data platform
  • Group sessions with your cohort community
  • Empowered self-accountability to define and reach your vision
  • Plus $100 Gift Cards to 8 West Clinic and JoyVIVA!
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Our Self-Paced format is tailored for the thrifty DIY’er who loves the freedom, flexibility, and independence of taking quality information and applying it at your own pace and on your own timeline.

What you get:

  • Membership to our exclusive OnBerry community of health optimizers
  • Educational video content
  • Tons of tools and resources to support your journey
  • Option to upgrade to the supported program anytime
  • Option to upgrade your experience with à la carte services and products within the 8 West family of brands
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Have questions?

Drop us a line to ask a question or request to speak with one of our coaches.
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Frequently asked questions

Who is the program for?

METRONOMIS is best suited for women who are highly motivated and able to commit focused time to learn about their health and take actions to achieve higher levels of health.

Will my health insurance or FSA/HSA pay for this program?

At this time, the METRONOMIS program is paid out-of-pocket only. If cost is a concern, we encourage you to consider this program and the long term health benefits that are possible as an investment in your current and future health. Statistics show that medical expenses more than double between ages 70 and 90, primarily due to a decrease in healthspan and the onset of age-related disease. It’s clear that aging with a greater healthspan has a priceless value, especially if it means that you’re able to remain active, healthy, and engaged in life.

Do I have to know which area of health I want to focus on during the “optimize” phase?

Not at all. During the program, we work with you to develop a health vision as you  work through the steps of the health optimization system.

What do you mean by “Bio-Optimization"?

Bio-optimization is a data-driven approach to making personalized health improvements based on biomarkers (like DNA and bloodwork), and leveraging other data that is trackable with wearable devices (such as continuous glucose monitors, or movement, sleep, heart data and more).

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Angie Buonassisi and the 8 West Family Suite of Brands

Angie Buonassisi, the heart and soul behind OnBerry programs like METRONOMIS, is on a mission to redefine menopause as a period of empowerment.

After her personal challenges with perimenopause, Angie dedicated herself to learning about anti-aging, functional medicine, and precision medicine. Her goal is to bring health optimization to Canadian women, both through her online platform called OnBerry, and in person at 8 West Clinic, a leading-edge MD directed health optimization center in Western Canada.